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The Best Night of my Life!

The Phantom and His Christine

 had the opertunity to dress up as Christine and my boyfriend as the Phantom for an Opera we went to see at my College. Everyone was like, "Dude there's the Phantom!" On the following class day, I heard SO many people asking eachother who the Phantom was.... Needless to say, I was proud.

My story is a true Phantom story. My boyfriend, my Phantom, had sat next to me in my history class for an entire semestre, and we would talk off and on. Little did I know that he secretly had a crush on me. At the time, I was dating what I like to refer to as the Raul of my life, and this young man who sat next to me in class was good friends with this Raul. Raul had my Phantom come hang out with us, and soon, I began to care a great deal for this poor lonly Phantom. But I couldn't leave Raul, he was good to me, and I am a very loyal person, so I stayed with Raul. I often imagine now, this may have been Christine's reason for staying with Raul in the end, for although she cared for the Phantom, she had her loyalty to her past friend to consider. To make a long story short, it turns out Raul was a jerk, and used me to cheet on his girlfriend back home. I began to see my best friend, the Phantom as more that just a friend, and soon we began to spend more time together and then Court. We've been courting for six months now.

The night we went as the Phantom and Christine I will treasure forever. He was late meeting men that night, and was getting worried, when I turned around, and there he was,my masked Phantom. In his hand was a single red rose with a black ribbon tied to it. I nearly passed out, and hand to hold the side of the nearest wall. He gave me a sly half smile at my reaction. I had to remember to breathe, and when I gained my wits again, I found myself saying over and over, "Oh my word!"

He handed me the rose, the produeced a corsage with five red roses. I put it on, gasping for breath. "Six roses in all, for twice the love." He spoke smoothly,very Phantom-like. I looked up at him as he began to sing: "Sing once again with me, our strange duet. My power over you grwos stronger yet."

"Oh my gosh." I whispered when he was finished, having lost all abality to speak or think, meserized by this man in th black cape and mask. He chucked softly, a laugh that would melt the heart of most young women with a Phantom fetish.

"I love you, my Angel of Music." He whispered hypnotically to me.

"I love you too, my Phantom." I responed, gazing into his blue eyes.

Needless to say, we fixed the story to the way WE thought it should be.

Always and Forever

The Phantom's Rose

Ever Love

Copyright Sarah Goddard 2005