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Everybody reads those bios on me at other sites, but here youll get the story straight from the Banthas mouth, as it were.

I was born on Coruscant eighteen years ago, but my parents had to put me and my twin brother, Jacen into hiding on safe worlds-New Alderaan and Anoth among them. We stayed with Winter for three years, until my parents though it was safe. A year after we were born, my mom had Anakin, and he stayed in hiding a year longer than us. It was "for our own protection" Mom claimed, but I often wondered if it was simply because she had no time for children. Even when we were around our parents house on Coruscant, Mom had twenty-four-hour responsibilities as the Chief of State. So even though I lived a life of privilege, my childhood was difficult. By the time I was fourteen, I had been the target of more plots than a Hutt heir, yet I still remained quite adventurous. At my Uncle Lukes Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, I made friends with Tenel Ka, Lowbacca, Zekk (whom I had known on Coruscant) Raynar Thul, and Lusa. We had many adventures, and got into much mischief. When I turned sixteen, I graduated the Academy, I received my first ship the Crystal, and my Aunt Mara took me on as her apprentice. To me, Mara was a surrogate mother-someone who actually spent time with me and shared a connection with the Force.

Then the Yuuzhan Vong came, and I was swept up in the fever of battle. Coloinal Darklighter had looked over my records, how I the best time in Landos asteroid run, and he asked me if Id join Rogue Squadron. I accepted with joy, and flying as Rogue 11, was soon given my own call-sign: Sticks. I meet Jagged Fel, a pilot for the Chiss forces over Ithor, and something drew me towards him, I don't know what though. We flew in battle, and that was the last I thought I'd see of him, but I was wrong. Over Kalarba, I was shot down, and put into a bacta tank. I received damage in my eyes, but I healed quickly. On my leave I went on a mission to find Kyp Durron and check on him for my uncle. He told me about a Vong superweapon, which he persuaded me to get Rogue Squadron to destroy. We did, and only afterwards, I found out that it wasnt a superwaepon we hit, but a new Vong worldship. I was furious with him and slapped him-to think, he asked me to be his apprentice, and then pulled that on me.

In a huff, I joined both my brothers and my friends from the Academy, except for Lusa who was killed by the Vong, on a mission to Myrkr to kill the voxyn queen, which the Vong were cloning to kill Jedi like Lusa. We succeeded in the mission, but at the cost of several lives, including those of my brothers. I watched in horror as Anakin was killed, and in my grief, I was separated from Jacen. The Vong have him, but I believe he is dead. Something came over me, and I was filled with anger and hatred, and I vowed to make Anakin's death count for something-by never giving a centimeter to the Yuuzhan Vong.

I flew from there to Coruscant, only to find it under attack. I found the Falcon, and we flew to Hapes. There I met up with Jag again, and I discovered that I had feelings for him. Kyp, who had just lost another squadron due to his folly, was there too, and I learned to forgive him. He was the one who brought me to Anakins funeral, and I thank him for that. I took up his offer to be his apprentice, but during this time, I was falling fast towards the Dark side, and I also was being used by the former Queen Mother of the Hapes for her plan to use me as a puppet ruler. I figured it out, but only too late, and Tenel Kas mother was killed. Tenel Ka took up the throne, and Jag, Kyp, and I flew in defense of Hapes. From there we flew to Borleias and I was given command of the Twins Suns Squadron, and Jag and Kyp joined me. We continued to build up the fašade that I had stared on Hapes: that I was the Vong trickster goddess, Yun-Harla, who was also a twin. It was beginning to scare them. In a dogfight, I almost lost Jag, and against orders, I saved him from death. He asked me why I did it afterwards, and I could only just cry, having lost so many family and friends due to the war, and I didn't want to loose him too, because I was more than a friend to me. In a moment I was swept up in his arms and kissing him. He and I went to Lando's dinner afterwards, in celebration of the battle.

I've fought tirelessly through campaigns at Borelias, Obroa-skai and Ebaq 9, flying alongside Jag Fel. we've tentatively explored our feelings for one another, risking love against a backdrop of war. I've achived the rank of lieutenant colonel, and am now flying escort for my parents' mission of reuiniting the fragments of the former New Republic under the new banner of the Galactic Alliance.  With the return of Jacen, and the death of Tsavong Lah, a little hope has returned to my life.