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I name you the Sword of the Jedi.  You are like tempered steel, purposeful and razor-keen.  Always you shall be in the front rank, a burning brand to your enemies, a brilliant fire to your friends.  Yours is a restless life, and never shall you know peace, though you shall be blessed for the peace that you bring to others.  Take comfort in the fact that, though you stand tall and alone, others take shelter in the shadow you cast.   
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7/16/2006  Just some small updates today.  Added two new fanlistings for Mort, one of my new all time favourite books!!!  I also updated my MySpace info, tho the pic's not working.  I've got my Jaina Solo Cosplay video posted over there, so go check it out!!! 
~~~~~~~~~]<<<<  Jaina

1/19/2006  For space purposes and because they just looked aweful, I've deleted my old banner links and started fresh!!!  Go check out the new links and please take them for your site!  And as you have seen, I've also created a new banner for the site title as well!!!  All good fun.  I guess I had more time to do stuff around here before I left then I thought!!!  Any ways, enjoy and tell others that I've got new links because every one knows that the old ones just sucked (I kinda figured because all the links to my site from other sites have been made by the web mistresses themselves and not my own!!!)  God bless!!!!
~~~~~~~~~]<<<<  Jaina

1/18/2006  I've just added a new Affiliate to the site, Cosplay Expressions.  She's got wonderful Jaina Solo Cosplay there, several other SW costumes, and some awesome Lara Croft Cosplay as well.  Check it out!  I'm heading off to college in a few days, so have a wonderful spring and hopefully will update when I can!  God bless and take care.
~~~~~~~~~]<<<<  Jaina

1/9/2006  Ok, I just had the shock of my life!!!  I haven't really had time to finish NJO, or start the new books, but I just found out about Jaina (highlight to read) breaking up with Jag, and her hooking up with Zekk!  So I'm chaning the poll below, with geat sadness.  And I liked how the series was going. *sigh*  Oh well, C'est La Viv!
~~~~~~~~~]<<<<  Jaina

1/8/2006  Happy New Year All!!!!  As a special Christmas/New Years gift, I'm sharing with you my Cosplay pics I made of me as Jaina Solo.  For you who don't know what Cosplay means (because so often it is used as a term ascribed to the manga/anime universe), it's just simply getting into costume as your favourite characters and playing dress up!!!  Often Cosplay takes place at special conventions and gatherings, but I like to have fun at home with it.  I've also put up a page for pictures of my Cosplaying.  If you Cosplay as Jaina, Jacen, Anakin, or any other NJO/PostNJO character, send me your pictures and I'll post 'em!!!
In other news, I've deleted some old/outdated stuff, which you may or may not notice, and I moved the navagation bar about a bit, so that things are a little more organized.
Sadder news too, my file space is rapidly filling up, so I may have to do away with some things if we want this site to keep up to date.  So unless someone is kind enough to want to donate money to help a poor college student upgrade the account, I may not be able to put much more up in way of pictures.  I also am praying for a way to actually become a .com site, being as we are called JainaSolo.com, and we are NOT!!!  This has bothered me for quite sometime now, So I'm looking for a way to do this.  If you know of any, or you want to support me, that would be most appreciated.  In the mean time, just pray for the future of the site!
~~~~~~~~~]<<<<  Jaina

12/31/2005  Hey I'm on MySpace now, check it out!  And everyone, have an awesome New Years!!!!
~~~~~~~~~]<<<<  Jaina

12/29/2005  Home again, home again!!!!  Updating the site with some stuff from college.  Enjoy my link to my page about my Phantom of the Opera Experiance.  I hope you all are well, and had the best Christmas ever!!!  I had a good one, though I miss my boy :(  I'll try my best to get some new stuff for the site and update as much as possible! Ok, I just got this link from my boyfriend, it's a Jedi Training Game! Try it, it's fun, though, I'm not very good at it yet.  God Bless!  ~~~~~~~~~]<<<<  Jaina

8/30/2005  Today I recived an e-mail from my guesbook asking me to stand up for my faith in Christ, and sendinf me verses saying that I am not walking in the light of God in my relationships.  So here I stand.  Many of you who come visit my site may be truned away by my saying this, but I don't care, because my Lord wants me to stand strong for Him.  I was saved by the grace and mercy of God when I was 13 at summer camp, and have been raised in a conservative Christian home.  I attend a private Christian College.  I have tried to date only Christian young men, unfortunartely for me, every single one of them have been false in their faith.  I am so torn up by this.  My current boyfriend loves my with a pure Christian love, does devotions with me every night, and prays with and for me.  Yes, I admit I have made mistakes in my life, but I am SO thankful my Lord Jesus saved me from my sin by his death on the Cross.  Whomever that was who found my site and wrote to me in my Guest book, I ask you to be bold and to stand and tell me how you can accuse someone you don't know of misrepresenting my faith.  You don't know what hardships God has brought me through, to be going out with a man who tells you everything you want to hear, who tells you that you are the only one for him, tell you he loves you, then spits on you and leave you for dead.  Please, if you were so intreseted in my faith, could you not have asked if I were a Christian flat out, asking why I may have strayed, instead of just accusing me?  To everyone esle, I hope my testimony is of value to you, for I consider any who come here to this site a friend.  I'm sorry if I sound upset, but I am a bit.  I hate being accused falsely.  I went though it through out highschool, and I'm not about to back down now.  You all are special people, and I just want to do my best to put a smile on your faces each time you come here.  God bless. 
~~~~~~~~~]<<<<  Jaina

8/30/2005  WOW You guys really like my friend's site!!!!  WOOT for him!!!!  Anyhoo, I got a new banner made for me by Bla over at YunHarla, and it looks spiffy!!!  Use it at your lesure for postage on your sites!  I'm off to College in 5 days, so pray for me and wish me luck!!!  You guys rock!  
 ~~~~~~~~~]<<<<  Jaina

Check out this wicked new banner!!!

8/23/2005  OK, so I've fixed a few broken links on the site.  Sorry for you all who wanted the wallpapers and found that the links didn't work!!  Heck, I wanted the wallpapers for my new comp and found that I couldn't have 'em.  I was like "What the frig?  What's going on with my blinkin' site?"  Then I fixed it!  Um lemme see...  Oh yeah, I would love it if some loving soul made me new banners for the site, cause It really would be nice to have a few new ones.  The ones I made just plain suck in my book.  Ok,  so i made them when I was 16, leave me the frick alone!!!  So yeah, would some one pretty please make me some new ones.  I can draw and I can finx anything, but I just can't handle making banners in photo shop...Oooh!!!  I want a blinking one!!!!  Over and out for now...
~~~~~~~~~]<<<<  Jaina

8/20/2005  Well I've updated the Mysterious RaiderJainaSolo Page.  Enjoy!  I've also joined to Furuba fanlistings!! Yay for Fruits Basket!!!  ~~~~~~~~~]<<<<  Jaina

8/20/2005  WOW!!!  I have only 15 days to update this thing, so I better get moving!!!  College starts up soon, so I won't have as much time to update this thing!!  I'll have my new comp though, so that should help, and my boyfriend (no not that looser I was with before) can help me now with stuff and keeping this baby up to date.  Yes, I have a new boyfriend.  Funny story, he was my best friend to begin with, then things, well, happend after the last kid dumped me.  I love my boyfriend, and I hope you all will too as I have him update this site for me.  Now for news:  Two new Affiliates.  Yun-Harla.com is Bla's new site she was telling us about!  Looks great!!! Good job Bla, my compliments!!! I also added one of my best guy friend's site up. It's not a fan site for SW, but he is a fan.... of all the stuff I enjoy at lease.  Enjoy his wonderfully twisted view of the world at The Best Website in my entire zipcode  Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!!!   ~~~~~~~~~]<<<<  Jaina

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